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The artificial deprivation complex.

Of course, the really irritating thing about Assthony is that he's a momma's boy whose momma is in Holland after her starter marriage went kaboom. He might not realize it but he's probably better off without a fickle, histrionic weirdo who always had to be giggling but since he doesn't, he's stuck with the insane need to live the life he feels that he was entitled to have. When you have to factor in the fact that his dad Gavin Caine is a space Nazi because he expected Anthony to actually help defray the cost of buying an automobile instead of simply handing him one for breathing, you end up with a dolt who mistakenly believes that a life of privilege is one of bleak deprivation because he wasn't given things he falsely believed were supposed to be assigned to him: a hovering birth mother, a domestic angel in his house and a daddy who was cool with his being a trust fund abomination.

Similarly, John thinks his life is one of bleak deprivation because his parents possessed the virtue of thrift and the concern that the bad times might come again. Just as Elly should stay home and go slowly crazy because his mother did, the kids don't really deserve the toys and allowance they do and she doesn't really deserve a new, modern kitchen because that asshole John uses his past as a means of denying those around him things that they aren't said to deserve because reasons. Similary, Anthony thought Therese should be happy to stay home and go insane because he wanted to have his crazy mommy with him forever. In both instances, what should have happened in the last strip is RED Sniper telling them that what they have in common with Jane Austen is that they are all dead women.
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