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Extrapolating Deanna: Weddings for show and for heart.

Of course, it's not just an exaggerated fear of necessary confrontation that makes Deanna just as annoying a failure the rest of the cast. We also have to remember that she shares an irritating personality trait with the Delicate Genius: a need to not understand people who get in her way. We know for a fact that Mike spent his life being told that Mrs Dingle's life was one of misery and pain but thought that her terrible past should have no bearing on how she treated him. According to the Noble Scribe, she should have willed herself to be happy and pliable just to make his life easier because he really doesn't understand people that well.

He sure did marry his own kind because Deanna can be told that Mira had a hard life, told that she'd been dumped on for being Eastern European, told that she yearned to have a fairy tale wedding in order to make her life better and how her insane and domineering antics come from somewhere close to generosity but still wonder why her crazy mother wants to hijack HER wedding and make it into the Look At Mira show. Any sort of custom that suggests that a wedding for a daughter is pretty much the only shot a Mira has to be publicly in charge of much should hold no weight because some airhead teenager thinks it's a great big party where she's queen of freaking everything.

I should think that this is why Mike and Dee are so poor. As Naoko Takeuchi teaches us, a narrow focus on a single event without thought of what happens next and the insouciant belief that subjects not connected to the Big Show should be firmly ignored leads to great suffering. In Deanna's case, she was so focused on finally punishing her mother that she forgot that she married a dope who was raised to be hopeless with money. In the other case I'm thinking of, the messed-up clod blew off math class because she thought it was husband repellent and was only saved from taking up residence in a packing crate by a blue-eyed freaking miracle.
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