dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Deanna and the fear of no strings attached

Of course, stupidly enabling Mike and driving Mira bonkers didn't stop with the wedding. We have to consider Deanna's life of enforced squalor married to a chump who was raised to be crap at taking care of himself financially by idiot parents who set him up to fail so they could ride to his rescue and Mira's reaction thereto. It drove Mira out of her mind watching that bum drift through life offering one feeble excuse after another while watching her baby make excuses for the dummy. It was only human of her to want to have her beloved child closer by so she could help her and maybe get the idiot son-in-law up to code.

While this is the case and there is a strong case for Mira being a well-meaning but clumsy person desperately trying to save a headstrong woman from herself, Deanna sees something different: a woman who won't let her grow up and make her own choices and admit that her way is not the only way. Fortunately for her, she has an ally in the fight to win family politics because when Mike sees Mira offer to help, he see someone who clearly wants his soul. This is because he literally does not believe in generosity because he was raised 'favour bank'; since 'no one' offers anything without wanting payback in interest, he assumes what John and Elly raised him to assume so they could exploit him. In both interests, the price is much too high so they'll accept 'real' help from the Sainted Pattersons.
Tags: extrapolating deanna

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