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Extrapolating Deanna: Dealing with the children.

As I've said before, it's not as if disagreeing with her mother about Mike's not being all that great a provider is the only issue that makes Deanna sigh in a weary, frustrated manner. We also have to deal with her evil mother's evilly getting the children all wound up and stimulated and expecting to play and all that other horrible stuff she does to ruin Deanna's life. What the angry chanting of 'time, not toys' means coming out of the mouths of women who provide neither is that we're dealing with chumps who wish the following things could be abolished to make their lives more convenient:

  1. The feeling in a child's limbs that tells him or her that it's good to run and to play.
  2. The feeling in a child's mouth that tells him or her that it's good to speak and sing.
  3. The feeling in a child's soul that tells him or her that it's good to be curious about the world.
  4. The feeling in a child's heart that says that sitting inertly on a coach for hours on end because 'Mommy is tired and play can come when they're older' is unfair because they get so bored.

The reason why Mira is evil and wrong and selfish is that she doesn't think it's especially smart or fair or right to expect little children to sit on their asses until their brains rot away due to sensory deprivation merely because their mother sucks at budgeting time and is too passive and weak to tell someone who's there anyway to shove his bullshit about muses up his fat ass and be a real father instead of a jerk like that ass with the train fetish. What she is loathe to admit is something Marian had no problem telling her daughter when observing the same phenomenon back in 1980. Marian just plain gave a spoiled child who was too damned young to parent her right name. Mira isn't that blunt. She also doesn't quite get that Deanna thought she had a plan A to handle that which reveals another horrible thing about her.
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