dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Connie's failings, Part One: Yearning for a mutable past.

As we've seen, there are a lot of similarities between who Connie is right now and what Liz becomes. Just as Connie eventually tries to claim a genetic connection that can't exist with someone else's grandchild in order to deny the fact that by any rational standard, her family dies with Lawrence, Liz wants to think that being here instead of her makes up for the fact that she ruined a stranger's life because she's too stingy a person to share anything or anyone. The interesting thing is that they got there by different routes.

This is because unlike Liz who lives in an eternal present tense in which mistakes simply don't exist because if history did exist, she's a selfish, demanding jerk who puts too much stress on being thought well of by parents who don't matter, Connie seems to be transfixed by the idea that the past might somehow be altered. She thinks that if she does the right thing, her vain, self-pitying idiot father would stop taking out his rage that he can't pass his family name on out on her and her imbecile mother wouldn't keep whining about being unfair to a massive-diameter dickhole whining for a toy he can't have. Simply put, being made to feel bad about something that can't possibly be her fault created a monster of vanity and envy. Not only do we have the obsessive need to prove her worth to the worthless, we also have someone so messed up, she actually envies a low-life like Elly.
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