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Connie's failings, Part Two: Envying Elly.

As we're about to see, Elly is about to be made very happy because Connie is about to return 'home' where she 'belongs' so that Elly is not exposed to the 'humiliation' of having to drive to Thunder Bay like 'some sort of slave being commanded by a tyrant.' While she's not exactly able to articulate why this is a good thing, it's obvious to an outside observer what Connie provides Elly and it's the same thing Kortney faked providing her: behaving as if a frustrated, angry lunatic going out of her way to die miserable and miss every good thing being a self-important petty tyrant who can't handle conflict and who won't treat her children as anything other than enemies to be vanquished is a role model worthy of emulation. While Kortney was sucking up to someone she thought of as an unusually oblivious mark, Connie actually does seem to look at the hot mess screaming at her children and see someone she wants to be.

The problem is that every deviation from this insane and false norm is seen as a defeat. Not being able to prove her love to Greg by having a child with him is a defeat. Having her son turn out gay and not present her with a grandchild as tribute to her sacrifice is a defeat. Getting divorced from Pete was a defeat. Having Molly's mother come along and ask her where the Hell she gets off pretending that there's a genetic connection between her and someone else's grandchild is a defeat. I should even think that seeing Elly for the pathetic mutant living her life all wrong that she actually is would be a defeat because it would mean that Connie wasted her own life defining herself by a failure.
Tags: connie versus using her brain

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