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Connie Poirier: Gold-digger.

Of course, seeing that Elly is a spoiled child who's only happy when she and everyone else around her are miserable and angry because the conflict she stirs up makes her feel important isn't the only thing that Georgia sees that others do not. It's obvious as all Hell to me that she's spotted another thing that the Patterswine are blind to....the fact that Connie is the worst sort of gold digger.

While Lynn herself seems as blind to this as she is to the fact that she made Mike and Weed look like closeted gay men comparing beards, it's sort of obvious to passersby who can see the world clearly when we list Connie's exploits:

  • In one of the abandoned arcs, she attended night school classes with the specific intent of landing an airline pilot.
  • She doesn't make much of a secret of the fact that she regards Lawrence as a hindrance to landing Mister Flush.
  • She tossed Phil aside for Ted because a GP makes more money that an elementary school music teacher.
  • She tossed Ted aside for Greg because a bank manager makes more than a GP.
  • She sweet-talked Greg into leaving his home to be where she wanted to be: waving her rich new husband under the noses of men who weren't good enough.
  • She made him see his children as a threat because she can't stand the idea of a past that doesn't have her in it and also because they got in her way.
  • She chased off his children so that there was no obstacle between her and his wallet.
  • She turned into a hysterical freak when her child threatened her lifestyle by turning out gay.
  • She complains bitterly about Greg's having any sort of residual personality that isn't based on servicing her.
  • She has a good friend in an oblivious moron who doesn't see her for what she is because they share a hatred for their children.

This means as the curtain descends upon her, she believes herself to have triumphed over the family that never really loved her by plowing through someone else's family so she could be carried around on a damned litter. A disinterested observer sees an appalling apostrophe of humanity yelling I WIN because she's hijacked a moron and made a sap of him but a nitwit of a Patterson sees a great person because they suck at understanding people.
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