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Why Ted is really evil, the 2016 edition.

As we all know by now, we're about a year away from Ted transiting from antagonist to joke character when his wife gets sick of holding down home plate so he can make a fool of her by having one night stands and leaves him. When he next figures in the strip, it's so Liz can distract John and Elly about her habit of going on pub crawls by pointing out that he's a dirty old man chasing girls her age like some sort of freak and when John last talks about him in length, he makes a pithy observation about how he'd misread the poor sap of a momma's boy all of his life. What this tells us is that for some reason, Lynn wants to point at this character as an example of living your life all wrong and paying the price for it.

The problem is that we have a fair idea of what Lynn means by 'living his life all wrong'. This is because it's sort of obvious Ted can't be asked to take a walking joke like Elly seriously and seems entirely too ready to tell her off. While everyone else lives in fear of her trademark rages, he simply can't be asked to do so because he has no time for her extended tantrum about how she's always dissatisfied with everything for a reason she won't admit to because it means she's the problem. The result of his not paying deference to a screaming lunatic who folds when it counts and who turns into a stubborn maniac when it doesn't is that he's Public Enemy Number One.

Since this strip is written by a bully whose message is 'Stop struggling and you'll be fine,' she has to make an example of someone who stands up to the toxic bitch warping everyone else's lives because she wants to have her cake and eat it too. This is also pretty much why Mira and Therese got shat all over; they didn't exactly see that it was their job to defer to the whims of the twelve-cylinder whackmobile whom shit-house rats call crazy.
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