dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

On nostalgia as an agent of self-preservation.

One thing you can't help but noticing is that while the children remember that every single thing they do holds with it the risk of Elly blowing up at them in a blind, stupid rage, making insane accusations and telling them to stop pretending that they're capable of remorse when she knows better, Elly seems to be totally unaware that she's a judgmental maniac who fears and hates her children and behaves as if she has no choice but to exercise the nuclear option.

This is because she can't be asked to remember all of the many, many times that the children had 'suddenly' become horrible monsters trying to ruin her every time they did something to displease her. Just as she never seems to want to remember that she's been wailing that she's ten pounds overweight since she was five and that she's been screaming about aging before her time when she first started wearing a bra, she can't be asked to remember that there was never a time that she trusted her children or felt sorry for them because she glosses over all of her angry screeching. This way, nothing is thus ever her fault. Since she remembers herself as being more reasonable and forgiving than she actually is, it's the kids' fault for not remembering things that never actually happened and trust and love that never existed.
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