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How to discourage creative thinking.

As the first half of this annoying arc about how Lizzie is just right because her Daddy loves her reminds us, Mike and the other characters had to spend a lot of their time working around an ever-present obstacle to the good life: Elly's imbecilic rage and non-stop victim mentality. In this particular instance, he has to deal with a commonplace dilemma: Lizzie doesn't want to actually catch baseballs because she's so terrified of getting hit in the face, she freezes up BUT she doesn't want to be told that she can't play. Mike knows that if he tells Lizzie to go away, Elly will scream at him for not letting her play. He also knows that if he lets Lizzie play and she gets hurt, Elly will scream at him for letting her play an evil, dangerous game. He thus comes up with the useful compromise of letting her participate without actually getting to do anything. This, I should think, eventually led Elly to scream at him for LYING to Lizzie.

This sort of bullshit non-parenting is, I should think, why the Patterson children ended up becoming a collection of dumb people who couldn't think on their feet like everyone else around them. Since Elly can't let them be right about anything and since she can't allow herself to see that they have feelings that get hurt because that makes her a bad person and since she makes a melodramatic ass of herself screaming about how terrible they are to her, a sinister sort of mental paralysis took hold of them. When all roads lead to a bellowing, blubbering, screaming, self-pitying maniac yelling at you and telling you that you are incapable of empathy and remorse (because if you are, she's a dimwit and a bully and how DARE you make her feel bad about herself, you ungrateful monsters), the safest course is to not move at all.
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