dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

How to stunt moral growth by inflexible idiocy.

As we're going to see in a few months, there's another downside to Elly never letting the children be right and punishing them for every single thing they do. Simply put, if no move is right and everything they do is wrong, their ability to tell right from wrong ends up getting warped. The example I have in mind is Mike discovering that he can get the neighbourhood kids to spy on that moody idiot Molly as she moans about the cruelty of living in Squaresville so her gold-digger stepmother can drink coffee with that screeching old woman who lets her horrible children and dumb mutt wander around at all hours. As we know, she lands on him with both feet and threatens to destroy his reputation out of imbecile pique and he gets grounded for two weeks for being a moron.

The reason that I mention this is his reaction to Brian's telling him that if they thought things through, they would never have actually done something that stupid in the first place: thought-bubbling that their crime was actually getting caught. Lynn wants us to think that Mike is a horrible, selfish child who doesn't know right from wrong and needs firm parenting to make him a useful member of society. The problem is that, well, everything he does is wrong in Elly's eyes so to avoid punishment, he's at pains to avoid her finding out about what he does. She is, of course, unaware that she doesn't allow her children the privilege of being right about anything because she believes herself to be a better, more moral person than she actually is. This leaves her baffled by the inevitable reaction to her twisting everything she sees into them trying to destroy her so she can avoid the humiliation of admitting that she's misjudged her kids so she can feel more important than she actually is.
Tags: elly patterson: moron parent

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