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No day is actually kids' day, John.

If I had to sum up why it is that Elly is a horrible parent who always does the exact opposite of what she wants to accomplish, I'd have to say that it was her combative nature and victim mentality that keeps her from being the parent she only believes she is. The slightest flicker of resistance is used as license to stand around screaming and carrying on about how much they hate her and the least disappointment becomes a segue to bellyaching and moaning about how she is the victim of all victims surpassing all others. Never does it occur to her that her children aren't planning her ruin and actually appreciate what she does for them because she ain't looking for anything positive. She wants to fight and she wants to feel as if the people she fights with are enemies.

John, on the other hand, is a different sort of pathetic lunatic with a completely different stupid idea that makes his life worse and precludes the possibility of having any sort of positive connection with his kids. Said horribly stupid wrong thing that he always thinks is his irrational belief that the life of a child is a happy, care-free romp in which nothing bad ever happens. This is moronic and crazy because anyone with a functioning God-damned brain will tell you that the lot of the child has never and will never be an especially happy one. While it might look otherwise to the unreflective, a small child is unable to fend for him or herself and is thus dependent of the good will of others to survive from day to day and lives a horrible life of confusion, anxiety and constant embarrassment made worse by the fact that he or she is powerless to resist the monsters that dominate his or her mental landscape. John is immeasurably better off in life than his kids because this world is a paradise for upper-middle class white men like him.

The problem is that the stupid son of a bitch put his trust in media imagery that promised him the sort of giddy and implausible childhood as seen on sitcoms and movies. Since he believed the televised lie instead of his own senses, he still thinks that somehow, he got cheated out of a bullshit birthright and thus, his children have to made to pay him back with interest because they have the wonderful life he didn't. Thus also, he is at pains to not find out who his kids really are and what their lives are really like lest he realize that he wasted his life and made an ugly fool of himself believing in fairy tales and unicorn farts. You'd as soon see him admit that his love for ego-gratifying toys got in the way of the good life.
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