dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

On taking John's baby.

Of course, it's not just his pathetic begrudgery that makes John a disaster as a father. We also have to remember that in any contest between a family member and a material object, people always come a distant second place to a mechanical contrivance. While I've explained away his dimwitted refusal to admit that Mike was simply the victim of horrible luck when he missed an exit as his being more concerned about a car that can be replaced than a son who cannot, the rot in his brain that's called "Don't touch my stuff" has informed the strip from the get-go.

After all, the strip that has Lizzie angrily kick a doll because no one will tell the person higher on the food chain to shut up and shove his or her bad mood where the sun don't shine starts off with John throwing a tantrum like the malevolent infant he's always been and always will be because Elly mislaid a screwdriver. Sooner or later, he always lets his love of things get in the way of relating to human beings on any level other than 'aggrieved numbskull brainlessly pissing away bonding time with his family because he's a spoiled brat who's more worried about ego-gratifying toys than anything else.'

Since he's no more self-aware or willing to reflect on his mistakes than Elly is, the dumb son of a bitch looks back on his life and wonders why none of his children ever took an interest in what his interests were and won't admit that his habit of growling like an ogre because they'll break his stuff joined with his self-importance to make wanting to share with Daddy an impossibility. It's easier to cluck his tongue and wonder what the kids' damage is than to look in the mirror and see that he's always been the problem.
Tags: john - sulking infant, john fails parenting forever

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