dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Mira and Thérèse, human lightning rods.....

I've noticed to my disgust that the Pattersons have spent the last little while ganging up on the hapless figure of Thérèse while lionizing her tormentor, Anthony. She fought for a marriage she thought was real and only left when she realized that she'd been living a lie all that time. She did not throw the marriage or her child away like the Pattersons thought. Everything that Anthony said was self-serving noise, designed to obscure from the Pattersons how horribly he'd behaved. I can readily see how her parents, ashamed that she'd committed adultery, made her sign Françoise away. The fact that Anthony only thought-bubbled it wouldn't have mattered to them any more than it would to John or Elly. She's living the best she can under horrid circumstances but the people who made her life awful call her a monster behind her back. She has something in common with Mira Sobinski. Lynn was so busy painting her as the Mother-of-the-bride-from-Hell that she ignored a glaring impropriety. Deanna spent an inordinate amount of time extorting concessions from her mother by threatening to disgrace the family by cohabiting with Mike when she was already married to him. I can list any number of occasions wherein she was either barred from her daughter's life altogether or greeted with a sullen glare because the Pattersons objected the the noise she caused. When you consider that the Pattersons don't realize that Deanna has convinced her mother that they're to blame for the mess she herself created, you start to sense a pattern. Does this mean that someday Gerald will blame Becky for all his self-inflicted ills when he wants to propose to April? All signs point to yes.
Tags: blandthony, deanna: mastermind, evil mira, sitting duck therese

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