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There is no age limit on being sensitive, Train Man.

You will no doubt have noticed that I've fixated on that very early strip in which everyone's in a bad mood because that boorish infant John has to hunt to find a screwdriver. The reason why is that there's a perfectly good reason no one does the right thing and gut-punch the four-eyed four flusher and tell him to quit whining about his toys....there's no one with enough "power" to come along and tell him where to shove his attitude and how far he can do so. This is because our boy is still a surly nine year old playing King Of The Hill and he's decided that Elly and the kids don't have the right to contradict him. This is why he never listens to Elly when she tells him that he makes her feel useless and foolish and trapped. This is why he never listens to his kids when they tell him he comes across as the bully he is. This is why the kids end up with the horrible belief that rights are for those who can defend themselves.

This is also why the men and women of good will in Milborough probably wish that John and Elly had died about the same time that April fooled everyone so that there was a chance that their children would be raised by decent, respectable people who know right from wrong and were able to transmit that knowledge. The most they can hope for now is that the youngest generation won't be too badly warped by the worthless presence of that fool in the conductor's outfit and his insane wife.
Tags: john patterson: complete monster

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