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The truthiness about team sports.

To get back to the actual plot-line, I'd like to remind you all of Lynn's retelling of the story of the time Rod got lost. To listen to her tell it, she was against his plane trip to the World Of Eternal Frozen Death from the minute he'd floated the idea. Given the inconsistencies in her story, it soon started to look as if she was telling a self-aggrandizing and face-saving lie as sort of means of reassuring herself that she isn't and wasn't the flippant idiot who angered other people by not seeing the problem with his being late and not admitting that they had a right to be worried. She seems to believe in this revised version of actual events and, well, it's more trouble than it's worth to actually contradict her recollection of events.

The reason that this matters is that Lynn's current retelling of her time with team sports seems to be another exercise in blaming other people for her own dislike of sports. While we're being asked to blame cruel children and negligent teachers for destroying any love she might have had for something she never actually liked at all, it's sort of obvious that she hates team sports for the same reason Calvin does. There are consistent rules to follow, there is a referee present to enforce said rules, there is a hierarchy based on competence instead of letting her feel good about herself and, worst of all, they keep score. Given that she doesn't want to come across as a spoiled child who's simply angry that she doesn't get points for showing up and actually has to earn respect, she has to blame her hatred of sports on ogres who made her sad.
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