dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

On trashing Georgia's wedding.

As I've said before, John makes a very questionable and silly decision this August on the day of Phil and Georgia's wedding when he loads a bunch of garbage in the back of the station wagon to take to the dump beforehand. There they all in their best clothes and there's John loading smelly household waste in his ride because he thinks he's beating the system by not waiting until collection day. He tries to beat the system some more by dumping the load in a supermarket dumpster to keep the wife quiet and damned near misses the wedding rooting around in the trash like a God-damned raccoon because his watch goes into the dumpster with the trash.

A lesser man would learn from this sort of foolhardy arrogance and listen to voices that tell him that he's headed for a fall. John is not such a man. John possesses what Red Green calls 'negative courage' in that he proceeds on a course of action despite a lack of information, intelligence and humility. I should think that the lack of humility tends very much to explain the lack of information and intelligence. John seems Hell-bent on not understanding what the people around him actually want to do because he's too bloody arrogant to be bothered paying attention to his surroundings; this is why it seems to come as a confusing shock that Elly doesn't see the advantage of merely paying a dump fee to beat the Man because she's talking about someone else's wedding. Too bad that John is as practical and filled with common sense as Elly is patient or kind. This means that their history is littered with the wreckage created by other stupid ideas.
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