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How to pack a lot of meaning into a little word.

Every so often, we have to be reminded that Elly really doesn't much care about the things that happen to her children or about how they feel about their lives. The underlying mental defect that propels this surly indifference is the rather foolish and stupid belief that since Elly has already experienced this, that or the other thing and seen how silly she was to worry about it, the children MUST know that they're wasting their time worrying about things that they know are foolish and meaningless. This is like standing around bellowing "Why do you need to eat? I'm full so you don't need to eat" to a very hungry man or telling a very tired person that since she herself is wide awake, that person does not need rest. The ability to understand that other people do not think exactly how she does, remember only what she remembers, feel only how she feels and the rest of the lot died aborning because of a sort of insane narcissism that somehow makes the idea that other people have a different point of view as a personal attack.

The primary way this manifests itself is her proceeding a lecture berating her children for disappointing her by pretending that things that can't matter to an adult still matter to them because they haven't lived it yet by the modifier 'honestly.' 'Honestly' is verbal shorthand for 'I am very angry with you because you are wasting everyone's time either arguing or worrying about something that you actually know isn't really a problem because I have experienced it even if you have yet to. You are bad and should feel bad.'

It should be noted that this is why her parents have to be kept at arms' length during the kids' formative years. If they are not, Elly faces the horrible risk of Marian coming along and saying "Of course it's still a big huge deal to them! They haven't lived it yet! HONESTLY!!! Sometimes I think you only had children to have people to be angry with!!" and the horrible implication that she's a simpleton who never figured out that other people have different viewpoints by definition just breaks her great big heart.
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