dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Lawrence's two years of having done "nothing".

As we know, we're about to have the next phase of the stupid revenge fantasy against some man Lynn was angry with be implemented when Connie returns from her exile in the bleak, terrible place where Elly and the Pattersons never contemplated going ever in triumph with an instant family. Well, anyway, that's the way Elly sees it. As I've said before, the Patterson children take from Elly an irritating belief that having to go to someone else's place of residence instead of having them come to you is a humiliating defeat at the hands of someone who doesn't know her place. What they also take is an utter lack of curiosity about places they don't frequent.

This is why I assume that when Mike is asked to imagine what Lawrence could have been doing all that time in Thunder Bay, the Delicate Genius would shrug and draw a blank because he simply cannot imagine that Lawrence would do anything at all without him being involved. Much like Cesco Marciuliano's interpretation of a character someone else created, Mike shares with Hilary Forth the odd belief that people just stand there waiting for him to bless them with his presence. The only difference is how the creator sees this. Lynn doesn't notice anything especially wrong while the man preaching about the Evils Of Procrastination sees it as just another unsettling part of a crazy child's psychopathology.
Tags: cesco the great, mike patterson: universal idiot

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