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When bad advice meets stupidity: Elly fails with Molly.

As we know, one of the reasons that Molly talked Gayle into moving back in with their mother when she finally felt like being one again is that despite Gayle starting to bond with the woman next door, the horrible person their step-mother insisted on moving next to had all the sympathy and understanding of a rock. Every time she got into an argument with Connie, the judgmental idiot in the ponytail who let that kid of hers wander around loose was right there running her mouth about how UNREASONABLE and UNGRATEFUL Molly was and how CRUEL she was for EMBRACING DARKNESS and CHAOS and so on and so forth. Also, the one time she tried reaching out to Elly, Molly got a facefull of being told that the boy she longed for was a jerk she was better off without. The teenager she was regarded Elly as a cheerleader for fascist parenting. The woman she is now sees something far more disturbing: the reality of a vain, self-absorbed ignoramus who sees everything through the distorting prism of her past.

Even if she has never heard the irritating saga of Colin The Paper Boy, she probably has enough of a handle on Elly to realize that when she was the age she was when she got moved to Milboring, she was an awkward young girl throwing herself at someone who rightly saw her as a ludicrous and disruptive annoyance. This means that Mrs Patterson clearly seems to have believed "HUM! Since Colin just wasn't into me and I was too stubborn to admit it, it stands to reason that despite my not actually knowing what's going on in Molly's life, this boy must be the same sort of jerk!" She also figured out that Elly went on to think "I don't have to know what's going on because my past is clearly her present."

This means that Elly witlessly bought into to Connie and Greg's baffled squealing about how Molly was EMBRACING THE DARK SIDE OF LIFE because she too was an imbecile of a baby-boomer constitutionally unable to realize that the kid clearly blamed herself for her parents' marriage going kablooie. Since Jim's generation celebrated their victory over Hitler by giving birth to a generation of knuckle-dragging cretins like Connie, John and Elly, a child who's simply acting up because she doesn't know what really happened got screamed at because her step-mother and her pal are simply too dumb to understand what's going on around them. She also has no idea why Molly hasn't heard from this kid. Maybe someone's intercepting the mail. Maybe his parents think Molly is a hussy because boomers are muttonheads and goose-steppers. Maybe he has no idea what her address actually is. Elly doesn't know and doesn't care because some older boy who already HAD a girlfriend laughed at the child too dim to notice that.
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