dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Antbreath: The hidden danger.....

It seems somewhat obvious now that Creepthony and the Girl with the Glittery Hoo-hah are a lot more than 'just friends'. It seems to me that she's really living in his guest bedroom and maintaining an apartment as a polite fiction, a sop to a respectability her parents wouldn't care about. Elly, as you will recall, was pissed that her dad let Phil co-habit with Georgia while she had to get married before she could get any because her brother had a dong and she didn't. She's not gonna care that the Breath shacked up with the someone she picked out for her when she was carrying the irritating brat that would end up killing Farley. John wouldn't care too much either because, well, TRAINS!!!! What about Anthony's parents, though? We, as I've said before, have no idea what they think of Liz. Would they object to their son living in sin with the woman he threw his marriage away for? If so, will we see this in the strip? Possibly. We could also see Therese or even Warren Blackwood try to stir things up by outing the crappy couple themselves. We could also see a flashback to a quickie wedding so we all might wanna keep a big bucket in close range for vomit collection purposes.
Tags: lizthony

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