dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Colin versus Mike and Martha.

Of course, it's not just Molly that had to endure stupid, destructive advice and arch comments about how unrealistic and silly and ignorant teenagers are because Elly learned the wrong lesson from her stupid attempt to fling herself at Colin the paperboy. We see what happened as it was because we see a deluded slip of a girl who fixated on someone who she had zero chance with and who also saw her as at best a joke and at worst an annoying hindrance. This allowed her to diagnose a situation without bothering to ask herself if there were barriers placed between Molly and this boy she's never going to meet because she saw this boy as being Colin 2.0.

The other beneficiary of her stupidity is, of course, Michael. As we know, she's still convinced that Martha was some sort of devious predator trying to destroy Michael's future by making him go too fast. The reason for this is contained in her simpering about dangerous body language. I hate to put it as bluntly as I'm going to but Elly is on Team Rape Culture when she squawks about Martha; that's because she blames what the girl happened to have been wearing for working the same evil magic on Mike that the pretty girls worked on Colin. She's convinced that if they hadn't dressed as provocatively as they did, he would have seen the pure purity of her love and they would have lived happily ever after.
Tags: boomer lens-cap stupidity, elly patterson: moron parent

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