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The dawn of the superfamily.

Of course, the really ludicrous thing about Elly giving Molly the benefit of her inexperience is that Molly sought Elly out in the first place. As aprilp_katje pointed out, Molly does not especially like or trust Connie overly much. From what little we know of their family dynamics, it took until Molly was a grown woman for her to understand and to warm to her. Lynn might squawk about Molly going into a dark place and not coming back until years later but it's damned obvious that it's as I said: Molly blamed her parents' divorce part way on herself and viewed reconciling herself to Connie and Milborough not only as accepting the fact that she couldn't have the life she wanted but also that her opinion doesn't actually count.

It therefore makes no sense that she'd confide in the reason why she had to be taken away from her friends and that year's Forever Love. What she sees when she looks at Elly is what everyone sees: someone whose job it is to barge on in and berate her about how foolish and heartless and cruel she is for missing her friends and not accepting someone who treats her like something of an annoying joke. Only in some sort of kiddie cartoon would that happen because here in the real world, people don't seek out advice from hostile strangers who disrespect them merely because that reproving ignoramus is one of the main characters.

Sadly, we're starting to live in the world of the Declining Years wherein the healing touch of the Sainted Patterson Family lifts the Wretched Of The Earth out of the muck if they have the humility to accept their benevolence. What was supposed to happen was that Molly was supposed to agree that boys who frighten Greg and Connie are jerks and mutate into a craven gumdrop from one of those God-awful fifties social programming films about how keen it is to conform to a tight-assed, male-oriented norm. It is thus fortunate that she got written out; otherwise, we'd have established a precedent for someone being murdered by rough trade because she doesn't agree with the Will Of Elly.
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