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Molly: template for Divala.

About a month from now, we're going to get slammed over the head with yet another reminder that Lynn thinks that children are amoral monsters who have to be screamed and bullied into behaving like civilized beings when Mike and Darryl learn the WRONG lesson from their spying on Molly. While Model Minority Brian regrets having done evil in the first place, Darryl wished that if they were going to get punished for acting like dicks, they could at least seen a girl with her clothes off while Mike wishes that he could have avoided getting caught and having to consider how other people felt because it meant to him that people are allowed to just run right over him and he isn't allowed to stand up for himself.

After all, we have to remember that deep down, Mike is too damned much like Elly in that both idiots see the world as being designed to hurt them and laugh at them for wanting what everyone else but them is allowed to have. This is why Molly's casually telling him that no, she doesn't want to have him and Lawrence tag along because they don't need little boys taking notes to report back to wicked step-mothers and their friends went down so poorly. We saw a high school girl being a jerk to a grade-schooler. Mike saw someone being mean and cruel to him and telling him where he could go and what he could do and that's terrible. It never seemed to have occurred to him that he's not this cool kid that should inject himself into every situation because he's sort of vain.

Fifteen or so years later, we find him still not dealing well with having his role in life explained to him in a manner that makes it obvious that he doesn't get to be the centre of attention. In Molly's case, her privacy got violated in the midst of acting like the damned Unabomber because a scruffy kid doesn't like being told to piss off like he's Lizzie or someone else unimportant and he got nailed for it because his parents don't exactly see the point of rewarding someone for being a jerk to someone because she told him where he wasn't allowed to be. In Divala's case, she got subjected to a Stalinist purge because a boring ordinary drone who should have been grateful to pay his dues writing a puff piece saw himself as being more important than he was and he couldn't deal with it and he was rewarded for it because at that point, the Pattersons were invincible superheroes.
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