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Following the Phantom.

Given who Greg is, it seems to me that a lot of the problem Molly had with Connie and Milborough is that she had no real idea why it is that her mother went walk-about in the first place. Just as Big Daddy Caine angrily rebuffed Anthony's attempts to find out what the Hell was going on in his life because the old fool blustered that it was none of his business, we have Greg not really wanting to discuss something important with his children openly because it was too painful. This means that Connie wound up taking a lot of crap about how she's simply a temporary replacement for the real thing because her invertebrate of a sugar daddy simpered that he'd rather not upset his children with knowledge that would probably have made everyone's lives a damned sight easier.

This means that Molly and Gayle only found out what the Hell happened while they were directed to not pay attention to something that would change their lives after they left town and met up with their birth mother again. What it also means is something else given a key limitation of Pattersons and Patterson-like life forms; it means that Connie went into things not knowing a Hell of a lot about the woman she replaced and, given an appalling but oh-so-typical lack of curiosity, that she still has no real idea about this person or why she did what she did. She might have been told to her face many times but it's like explaining to Elly that Georgia has a birth name, friends and relations that she is not aware of; it's an exercise in futility that's based on the person in question not allowing herself to hear things that can't be allowed to matter because they're not involved in it. Elly thinks of Georgia as an adjunct of her side of the family because she doesn't care for a life that doesn't have her in it and Connie wants to know very little about her predecessor lest she feel empathy for someone whose family she's trying to take over.
Tags: connie versus using her brain, molly and gayle

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