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Teen-aged wastelands: the Pattersons and THEM.

To conclude my look at Molly, Gayle and why they left and why Lynn doesn't realize that she made them look like foster children that didn't work out, it's sort of obvious that we're dealing with the fact that screaming and fretting about Molly is just practice for the Pattersons doing something else: living in pants-soiling terror of their adolescent children. Like clock-work, the second a Patterson child turns the dreaded age of thirteen, he or she is regarded as a threat to the family. Elly is transfixed by insane dreams of vernal orgy while the petty fascist she married loses what little mind he has over the prospect of being talked back to like he actually had to earn their respect or something.

The problem that Lynn accidentally gave away the game when she did the cover art of "She's turning into one of THEM!". As we can see here:
we have the Pattersons gazing in horror at the dreadful spectacle of a fourteen year old girl sitting on a love seat talking on a flip phone about a boring-ass garage band that she set up to fail because of her own damned vanity. She isn't doing anything horrible unless you count leaving sheet music all over the floor and approving of bands with stupid names that are as subtle as a land mine in a plate of Kraft Dinner horrible but you can just tell that John and Elly live in horror of the third dull-as-dishwater child they're raised because the Media and their own fear of death (and the accompanying fear that just maybe, they aren't the protagonists of the human race after all) tell them to be afraid.

Well, there's that and what she said about the original monster child wandering away from parental love and acceptance and into the darkness because she actually wanted to express emotions about her life instead of shoving them down to help her parents. You see, Pattersons think it's a job of a child to be an emotional crutch for her parents and actually having any other feeling than brainless optimism is really a very bad thing. The Reds could've dropped the Big One on Toronto and they could all be slowly dying of radiation poisoning but Molly would still have been required to be mindlessly upbeat about everyone's skin falling off because that's what kids are for.
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