dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The SettleEngagement and the Caines.

Okay, I've said this before but it's too good to not repeat. It seems obvious that when weddings are concerned, Lynn has a definite problem with mothers of the bride. In her mind, they always become domineering harpies who won't let their daughters enjoy things, who think the celebration is about them and their glory instead of the people actually getting married. We saw it seven years ago when Mira had her face-heel turn and became an enemy of the Patterson. We saw it last summer when Shawna-Marie and Squiggle, I mean Brian, got married and Mrs. Verano acted like a nutcase. We're gonna see it again this spring as Mrs. Caine tries to hijack Liz's wedding to Awfulny. Not only does Lynn get to harp on one of her favorite ideas and give Elly another straw woman rival, she's also preparing what she thinks is the perfect answer for anyone who still hates Captain Creeptacular. I can see page after page of posts on Coffee Talk sobbing about how Anthony's evil shrew of a mother warped him for life. The only enjoyable thing is that her attempts to demonize the woman will provide Canada with a new folk hero.
Tags: lizthony, sheet shaver

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