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Georgia's friends, relations and the dentist's crazy wife.

As you will recall, I made a bunch of noise about how it's highly likely that Mike would get a case of the vapours should he actually meet up with someone Lawrence was friends with in Thunder Bay. Just as the whole stupid, ugly mess of Lawrence's far, far too premature outing was visited upon us because the dimwitted sack of bastard thought Lawrence only pretended to be straight all his life in order to make a fool of him, it's highly likely that the obnoxious shnook is going to think that having a social life that doesn't involve pining after him is also a betrayal because he has a big-ass blindspot called "Not everything is about him or his family."

The reason that I mention his need to be the bride at every funeral and the corpse at every wedding is that he comes by it honestly. We are, after all, dealing with a man whose mother still, after thirty years and more of knowing the woman her brother married, has not the least curiosity about meaningless trivia that can't matter to anyone because it never occurred to her to ask pointless questions that have no bearing on reality such as:
  • "What is Georgia's birth name?"
  • "I've noticed a lot of people at the wedding talking to and about her. Who are they and why do they point at me and look at me in such an unsettling manner?
  • "Who is this woman in her late fifties and why is she asking me where the Hell I get off planning her daughter's wedding?
  • Why do these people all behave as if Georgia didn't drop out of the sky waiting to marry my kid brother?
  • Why are Phil, Mom and Dad agreeing with them when they call me an oblivious idiot? Why do people keep saying that?

This last question makes the most sense to me because it seems to me that while Phil and his parents more than likely interact with Georgia, her friends and her family on a regular basis, Elly is too blasted stupid and self-absorbed to do something like that. All she sees is a girl assigned to make her kid brother grow up and that's all she wants to see. She just tunes out anything not related to that purpose or that might imply that the Pattersons aren't the stars of the human race.
Tags: elly patterson: universal imbecile.

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