dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

On the advent of Elly's true competitor.

The interesting thing about the Middle Years is that we're going to establish who the John of that era actually is in about six months time. Before now, he was a loutish ogre who begrudged Elly time away from her duty of being the domestic angel she couldn't be if she lived to be a million. What's starting to emerge now is the goofy man-child who loves to tear-arse around in sports cars in order to feel alive. While Elly frets about the impracticality of a vehicle that cannot ferry children and groceries, there's something far stupider that she should really be worried about.

Said really stupid thing is how it is John justifies splurging on ego-gratifying toys for himself while pleading desperately for anyone to agree with him that Elly is going to burden their grandchildren with the expense of improving their house. As I've said before, John makes two sets of financial calculations when planning for the future. When he spends money on himself, he makes as much as a dentist makes. When he spends money that will mostly benefit other people, he makes as much as his coal miner father makes. He isn't aware that he's doing it but as Neil Gallagher says, 99.9% of the people are as thick as pig-shit so there's that to consider. We are NOT dealing with a family that understands why it does what it does and it shows.
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