dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Voyeurism for fun and profit.

The irritating thing about this Summer is having to remember the creepy and disturbing "Mike the peeping tom" arc. As we know, he somehow manages to figure out that a tree branch in his back yard affords him and other idiots a view into Molly's bedroom. She gets hold of him, threatens him with the destruction of a non-existent good reputation and we're all left dealing with Elly and John wondering how they'll survive his reaction to being punished for being a skeevy little goof.

The reason that it's irritating is having to remember that we're dealing with the same sort of nonsense logic that propels "John ogles pretty girls right in front of Elly like a big Goddamned freak" and the strip that has him make an audible BOING noise because Rhetta's prom dress gets his biological urges (as well as a well-known anatomical structure) throbbing as well as the thing where Phil shrugs off charging his asshole buddies a nickel a throw to watch Elly change as kids as if she's nothing more than a spectacle as just stuff that happens. Simply put, the same confused thinking that has Elly blame the girls John ogles for his making them feel dirty mandates that the public embarrassment of having an asshole son who sees girls as a commodity means more to the Patterswine that the trivial thing called 'a girl's expectation of privacy.' This means that one of the 'things' that makes Milborough suck in Molly's eyes are parents and a crazy bitch neighbour lady who snippily state that if she weren't in her room thought-bubbling "Gloom!!" because they expect too God-damned much, she wouldn't have problems like that.
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