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Personnel transfers don't work Lynn's way.

As we know, Beth strongly hinted that Greg had to pull an awful lot of strings to get his blended family to Milborough. While the Liography pulled its punches by having Connie speculate that maybe Greg might have perhaps called in a bunch of markers to make her happy and torpedo Molly's relationship with some other proto-emo sulking because he thought he was the first person ever to realize that the world isn't a sunny place, it's a dead certainty that he had to do a lot of horse-trading to move everyone next to the Sainted Pattersons. Connie doesn't really realize this because she's Patterson-like enough to think that transfers are easy and convenient.

What she also doesn't realize is that it's pretty much a dead certainty that he's going to be facing legal trouble from his first wife for violating their custody agreement. It's bad enough that he seems to have made a point of keeping his wife away from them back home in Thunder Bay and worse that he married a woman too stupid to understand that the reason she and the kids don't hear from the woman she replaced is that Greg is keeping that from happening. While any major dude could have told her that more or less kidnapping them in order to placate a moron was never going to fly, said imbecile and her nitwit buddy Elly blamed Molly's more forceful personality for bullying Gayle into returning to her obviously inferior mother when anyone with a brain would have no choice but to realize that it would have to be a family court magistrate's call.

The problem with Connie and Elly's common inability to realize those two super-critical facts (which is, of course, based on Lynn's ignorance) is that Lizardbreath thinks that Paul and Warren didn't really love her because she doesn't understand what a contract is either and how even with the best will in the world, they're stuck where they are. She also doesn't understand that the reason Thérèse isn't there is because someone's lawyer has placed a sort of force field around Françoise that she'd get in trouble for violating.
Tags: connie versus using her brain, lizardbreath: complete dunderhead

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