dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Dirk, Jeffo and Lynn's blindspot.

As we're about to see, Molly Thomas seems to have something of a type. This is because the new forever-and-ever love she finds looks like an aging seventies rocker and has a driver's license and car. This tells us that her first forever-and-ever love from Thunder Bay was also about eight years older than she was. While I can make jokes about in both cases, 'his' family might be worried about a statutory rape charge should either Dirk or Mystery College Boy be caught having sex with a minor, what isn't a joke is that the only thing Lynn sees as being wrong is that he's got wheels and Connie doesn't know his parents. The age imbalance and the fact that Molly is man-hungry don't seem to have rated as problematic because Lynn likes older men, has a pathological need for male companionship and has the racial handicap the Anglo-Saxon is cursed with called "being unable to understand any viewpoint not her own owing to a genetic inability to formulate the idea that a viewpoint not her own can actually as such exist."

On that note, let's also remind ourselves of another tendency she has: the bottomless need for flattery and its BFF, the catastrophic inability to spot manipulative jerks. In Elly's case, the need to be told she's great by a con artist led to her being scammed. In Becky's case, the need to be told what a great catch she is led to her becoming a notch on Jeffo's belt. In Liz's case, it's a teal-and-lavender hell world.
Tags: freefloating commentary

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