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Greg and his failure of vision.

The interesting thing about Greg is that he seems to lack any real awareness as to what he looks like to people who aren't members of the Patterson family and those who share the Pattersons' values. To Elly and John, he's a wonderful husband who provided a great home for Connie, Lawrence and his kids. Anything that might look like his being a manipulative jerk who shouts down what he can't run away from is simply a huge misunderstanding on the part of children who simply don't understand the world.

To other people, he's something else entirely. While Molly is too close to the action right now to see that Connie is simply a patsy, growing up afforded her the opportunity to realize how pathetic the woman she wasted her life hating is and how it would have been better if Greg had been around when she wanted to vent. This is because the people left behind in Thunder Bay and the people who have to deal with some jerk barging into their community because he wants to torpedo a relationship he doesn't like and placate a deluded whackjob they thought they were rid of looks like The Very Model Of The Modern Massive-Diameter Dickhole. He brought back the horrible idiot parent who treated her son like a hindrance so she could enable the hostile maniac idiot parent who lets her sullen children and moronic dog roam loose, he brought in two moody children who hate the place and even though he relents on kicking his gay step-son out of his house, he acts like he's King Of Big Fucking Deal Mountain for doing so. Most people probably bloody hate the man for acting like Queen Kong and no one in the Patterswines' charmless circle can see it.
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