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The in crowd and Lizardbreath.

The interesting thing about both Peeping Mike arcs is that while he does have something of a fascination with the illicit unclothed female form (as evidenced by Elly screaming her fucking head off upon discovering his being in the possession of a copy of Penthouse), what truly animates him is his horrible need to be the center of attention and its equally horrible companion called wanting to fit in and be popular. What Michael never manages to piece together is that these two trends leave him on the outside looking in because it never seems to sink in that playing the fool might get him attention but it doesn't get him respect. If he didn't have this stupid, limiting belief that he's the Best Kid Ever and that everyone wants to tear him down because they're jealous, he might actually have friends that respect him for who he is.

The reason that I mention this is that Mike's raison d'etre for being a jerk to Lizzie shifted during the Middle Years. While his original motive was inspired by his fear of displacement and his active resentment that everyone was so busy fussing over what he saw as a cooing lump of nothing who couldn't do all the stuff he does that no one wanted to praise because it hurt HER feelings that they forgot he existed. What's obvious is that as the Middle Years progressed, the same need that made him give Martha a gross-out Valentine that implied that she was stupid because the GUYS would have teased him if he'd behaved intelligently meshed with his being a resentful git to make him a worse git. Not only did she hurt his feelings by deliberately asking to be born in order to take things away from him, the guys would have mocked him cruelly if he'd been pleasant to her. Where it falls down is that it's likely that the same guys who probably laughed their asses off because he shot himself in the foot on Valentine's Day with his perfecto barfola card more than likely love that the stupid clown gets himself into shit he doesn't need by being an abusive and antagonistic creep to his inoffensive kid sister.
Tags: mike and the gang, self-defeating mike

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