dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

You call that Christmas?

One of the things you can always depend on in any Christmas special is an exhortation to keep the holiday spirit alive through the rest of the year, to not just save giving, kindness and goodwill for a specific time and behave like a jackass the rest. If we were to judge the Pattersons by what we saw this week, we'd see that they do have the same spirit they do on the 25th of December all year long. That's the problem. We saw the following things that we see all time and don't like:

- Deanna exiling the children from the main table into the kitchen because she wanted to be praised for having little ones but didn't want to be bothered looking at them.

- Deanna expecting April to watch over them because she thinks that's what teenaged girls are designed for.

- Deanna keeping her mother from watching over them because they might expect to be played with afterward and she's too good to do that.

- The family treating Mira as if she were an obstruction because she questions the way they do things.

- Anthony and Liz dancing the sick little dance they do without really caring about all the people that might get hurt along the way. People like his daughter, Françoise.

- John declaring it a perfect holiday evening because he got to gorge himself and not be questioned.

- Elly declaring it perfect because she didn't have to do much.

- Jim not getting to spend the night in the Pattermanse or driven home by a Patterson.

- Jim feeling like he's going to die never being able to tell his family he loves them.

We see this sort of petty, nasty, hateful behavior every day so, yes, the Pattersons keep their squick-inducingly selfish Christmas spirit alive all year long.
Tags: foobs vs common decency, one big oblivious family

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