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Pink flamingoes and blackened cans of thyme.

I just realized something the other day. According to Wikipedia, we're about a month away from a period I've long anticipated: Elly running her damned fool mouth about how she expects to wake up dead every morning because she's sixty-five years old. On 28 August of this year, Elly will reach that arbitrary milestone and stand around belly-aching that her life is all used up and she never got anything that she wanted to do done because her awful children got in her way. She'll claim it's different for fellow boomer half-wit John because despite being closer to the grave, he can at least look back on having made a recognizable difference. Appeals to her having been Mike's muse or comments about how tuition is reduced for mature students or anything that involves lighting a candle will go unheard because Elly would rather curse the darkness.

The problem, of course, is that she isn't going to get any sympathy that isn't Connie Poirier. Everyone else will have remembered her being a very poor sport fifteen years ago when she wanted to avoid having a fiftieth birthday party. You and I and most of them see themselves as celebrating the happy occasion of a friend living to fifty and having many happy years of positive accomplishments ahead of her. Elly exists in the world of darkness Connie thinks Molly lived in and saw them as either about to introduce her to Dr Kevorkian or to stuff her in a gimp suit, winch her up to the ceiling and blast the shit out of her with a laser beam as they chant "Renew! Renew!" owing to this irritating habit she has of looking in the mirror, wondering when she got so oooooold, claiming that five years ago, she felt young and screaming at people with the temerity to tell an evil lie about how five years ago, she felt young five years earlier than that.

The upshot is that most people get tired of the crazy, angry woman making the same annoying, self-pitying speech in lieu of actually doing something about a problem and will probably make nasty jokes behind her back about how her grave marker will read "I told you I was sick but no one listens."
Tags: boomer lens-cap stupidity, elly at 65

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