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Elly and the Scaprilgoat.

Now, before I get to the meat of this essay, I'd like to remind you of a certain fact that Elly is at pains to avoid. Said fact is that after the kids came into the picture, she gave herself an excuse for not really pursuing the BA in English she once thought would make her dreams come true. While part of me wants her to read the comic strip "Dustin" and have her realize that his Bachelor Of Arts in English Lit makes him pretty much unemployable, most of me tends to see her as someone I remember from years ago: the person who sort of flagged and failed because she wasn't the smartest person in the room any longer. I've always sort of thought that most of Elly's problem is the same one that's going to cripple Hilary Forth: the inability to deal with the fact that she's an ordinary person who people aren't going to do favours for. This means that the realization that the 'too good to be true' types who 'had' to be getting help actually WERE more competent than she was destroyed her further interest in higher education because it would not achieve the end result of her mother finally praising her in public.

She cannot, of course, admit that to herself so needs to have an alibi for the fact that she's too overwhelmed by the fear of having her mother's ghost criticizing her and making her feel bad for being an ordinary person to contemplate finishing her schooling. How fortunate for her that twenty-five years ago, she and John got hammered and created said alibi. If April hadn't fooled all of us, Elly would have to find a different excuse to keep off campus and she'd be surrounded by adult children who'd call her on her hypocrisy about homework and that would be awful. She'd end up with a degree and children who saw through her and she'd have to look in the mirror and see an idiot who feared the opportunities that were dangled in front of her. This, I should think, would be why she'd probably be actively resisting April's attempt to shove her into getting her BA so that she can stop feeling like a second-class citizen and turning the discussion around on her. Anything to not admit that she's too damned terrified of what a dead woman might say to get something she deserves.
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