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After Jim: An impact assessment......

It seems obvious that Jim doesn't have much time left on this Earth. He may have been there for this holiday season but things do not look good for the next. Given that truth, it's time to ask ourselves what he'd leave behind. Or, more appropriately, how those left behind would react:

Iris: Jim would be the second husband she'd have lost within the space of about five years and that would, of course, devastate her. She'd spend the rest of her life wondering if she did enough. Or, as far as that goes, the right thing. I'd say she'd have an awful thing to wish for -- that the man not have been aware of what was happening.

Elly: She'd turn on Iris in a Milborough minute. The same woman who was an adequate care-giver when her dad was alive would be a hopeless incompetent before he'd entered full rigor. We could also look forward to her being a shit about any will Jim might have written.

John: He'd make some pompous remark about how the man died because he didn't act his age. According to the Train Douche, having fun in public kills.

Mike: We could well expect him to somehow try to promote his book, anout how Jim hung around just long enough to see his favorite (and only) grandson become a success.

Deanna: She'd spout some chirpy, trippy-sounding pile of mush about birds and flowers to hide the fact that she didn't know the man from Adam.

Liz: She'd manage to upstage his disgusting brother and boring old dead guy by announcing that she wasn't going to waste any more time: she was going to marry Anthony.

April: The only other person who'd miss Jim if he were gone. Too bad her family wouldn't let her grieve. If she wasn't stuck home with the Patterspawn, they'd accuse her of trying to ruin his funeral for everyone by calling Liz on letting her stalker get away with swiping Jim's harmonica because he spouted some phony flattery.
Tags: chinnuts, one big oblivious family

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