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Darryl Smythe: The Author's Saving Throw Uncovered.

The odd thing about this arc is that it's the last arc in which incidental character Darryl Smythe can be said to appear. While he's a face in the crowd when Mike's fifth-grade teacher talks about the grave mistake the school board made of not breaking up a solid group of friends in order to serve what an Elly Patterson might call "expanding my child's family of friends" but actually means "making sure that cliques don't form in order to more effectively control the always chaotic evil monsters we call our children", it seems to me that he might have come in handy later on instead of being consigned to oblivion because Lynn believes she has an excess of characters.

The reason he'd come in handy is that instead of completely ruining Connie and Greg as characters (as opposed to the partial ruin inflicted on her by reacting as if she's some sort of victim because her unrealistic expectations of an instant family collapse) by turning them into angry, bitter jerks because Lawrence turned out gay, she could ruin people we never met before by having DARRYL turn out gay. We don't know the Smythes so they could be ruined and we could also have Connie express her discontent that her son's first marriage ended in a bitter divorce that was totally not the result of her constant interference and talking shit about his wife, AARON!!
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