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When does Darryl actually disappear and why?

It would seem that my belief that Darryl goes to the cornfield after this arc is a bit on the premature side. This is not just because he's part of the cast herd when Mr Warren damned near wets himself because he sees a horrible mistake called "not breaking up a set of friends in order to keep cliques from forming"; the boy appears throughout most of Mike's sixth grade experience:

We don't, however, see him as part of the cast after Mike leaves elementary school. We have the Four Horsemen of Mike, Brian, Gordon and Lawrence present as a tight group but Darryl appears to have been forgotten as he does not seem to attend the same junior high that they do. This, I should think, is an oversight on Lynn's part that accidentally corresponds to reality. Simply put, elementary schools and junior high schools tend to have different catchment areas which means that Darryl is a block too far to attend the same school as the other four. By the time they all get to high school, Darryl is someone Mike and the other three have pretty much forgotten about. This also corresponds to reality. Every so often, Mike will get stopped in the street by a man who looks like Boris Johnson and be asked if he remembers him from grade school and the Delicate Genius will blank the Hell out.
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