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On janitors, ceiling bangers and stained sessions.

The reason that I led off with that crack about the Dingle children arising from the mists and suing the Delicate Genius is that unlike Mike, I remember an annoying morality tale from his growing years. Y'see, he'd buttonholed one of the janitors at his university for an assignment for school. He smelled an award for a really neat human interest story only to learn to his baffled dismay that the human involved had no interest in having his life story made a spectacle of just so the Noble Scribe could get ahead. Mike's reaction to the man's refusal to be a rung on his ladder was to fret and fume and basically give in because he Had To Learn A Valuable Lesson....that he immediately forgot because Mel and Winnie Kelpfroth made him angry enough to mock them in a magazine he was sure they'd never read because his classist thinking blinded him to the realization that people he doesn't like have friends too.

The reason that I mention the fact that he has no idea what is or is not legally actionable is that while a lot of people think that Mike plagiarized a better author when he hacked the literary hairball that is Stone Season onto the page, he actually plagiarized his own work. This is because Sheilaurgggh O'Schadenfreude is nothing more or less than his landlady Agnes Dingle with a name change. While it would be hard to prove that he stole her story owing to his making it the implausible mess we saw, the threat of exposure would, given how dumb he is, produce a delicious attempt to avoid censure that would guarantee his ruin.
Tags: mike patterson: universal idiot, stone season

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