dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Curfew wars in the Foobiverse.

To really wrap the whole Peeping Mike arc up with a bow, it's sort of obvious that Lynn seems to have overlooked certain problems. The most gnawing ommission would have to be that we're dealing with the boys misusing a summer night getting into one kind of trouble while neglecting the other kind of trouble they should be in. They should actually be in trouble for breaking curfew because it's gotta be eleven at night or so when Molly puts the arm on Mike and that's gotta mean that parents are going to be wandering around looking for children instead of doing what Elly would do: telling the guy on the PSA who points out that it's ten and asking if she knows where her kids are "For the last time...NO!!!" because keeping track of kids is haaaaaarrrrd and she hates it.

Oh, curfews are great if you want to make stupid comments about how much smarter you are than teenagers or if you want to keep them from doing things you hate but if it's just kids messing about, Elly doesn't want to be bothered doing a bed check because she's not some sort of slave. The problem is that she ends up becoming the goat of a British "Where the Hell is YOUR kid, genius?" shame-fest of a public information film that has oblivious parents not know what their hoodlum son is up to and blame them for his getting slapped with an anti-social behaviour order. Her idiocy almost makes John's screaming about Mike taking his BABY look reasonable and intelligent.
Tags: elly patterson: moron parent

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