dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

John, kettle, black.

Of course, there IS another phenomenon that has to be considered when explaining Mike's upgraded morality: the realization that as bad as he is, it's likely that John was a worse kid than he could ever be. Every so often, Mike gets hints from his grandparents and aunt that John wasn't the pious gumdrop who played by the rules and respected his parents and was always virtuous and upright that he says he was whenever he's running his ugly yap about how since he was King Of Big Frakking Deal Mountain, his children owe him payback with interest for the air they're breathing. Not only does this cause our boy to realize that his father is a pious fraud on top of being a self-serving, self-absorbed tin god pettily enforcing idiotic and arbitrary rules, it might spur him to be a better person.

This is because the default belief that a father is totally uncool and dorky by definition can actually work to Mike's benefit instead of hurting him like it would if his parents possessed intellect, awareness, humility and decency. To be a cool kid in that environment necessitated that Mike behave honourably and selflessly in order to not be like his dad. This is also why April is a tolerable person: she's rebelling against a tradition of moral idiocy.
Tags: freefloating commentary, mike versus john

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