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What the Hell does Gordon actually owe John and Elly?

As I type this, I do so in the knowledge that for some reason, John seems to see Gordon Mayes as the son he wanted all along because for some reason that is quite definitely not the fact that he drove Mike away because he is not some emotionally distant failure as a father who cannot be pleased, Michael does not share interests he was never encouraged to learn about. The reason that I mention this is that by any objective standard, the bond seems to be based on the fact that John was the person who co-signed Gord's loan, no more and no less. The reason that I mention this is that if you were to ask John why he deserves Gord's fealty, he'll point you to the fact that he was there for the younger man when he first started to realize that Gord's real parents got drunk and took out their frustrations on their son because That's Just What The Lower Ranks Do.

The problem is that The Saint Pattersons didn't actually do anything that could have been considered helping Gordon when he was dealing with abuse but act as if they did. As we all know, we start things off with Gordon assing around in Elly's new station wagon and accidentally reversing the thing because of course he does. Since there isn't a good-faith mistake that Always Angry Idiot Elly can't turn into part of the bullshit conspiracy she dreamed up to explain away her total failure as a human being, she rats him out to his parents because she doesn't actually know the Mayes family that well; this is when we learn that Gordo is a god-damned punching bag. John and Elly stood idly by wringing their hands and Brian was all about how Mike had no real say on what happens in someone else's house because of an ethnic tendency HIS kind has towards bystander syndrome. The next time this comes up, we find that Gordon has moved to an apartment because home life has become too much of a pain in the ass to bear and, well, he never really looked back. The unifying theme is that Gordon is a sort of charity case they kind of feel sorry for as well as a reminder that there are worse families than their own. This means that they believe him to Their Man because he's a Credit To His Class Background, not because they really like the young man.
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