dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The perils of packratism.

While we're currently witnessing the need a lot of the male characters have to outsmart themselves by taking ruinous shortcuts they should have avoided, we also have to mark time on their tendency to think that accumulating junk they never use is also somehow beating the system and proving how smart they are. Steve is the best example the strip has of this irritating and destructive will to clutter so I'll use him as my statistical sample.

What seems to be going on is that he fixates on some shiny new thing as being the answer to some question no one asked. We see this next year when he gloms on to John's old counter-top as potentially coming in handy some day. Womenfolk may mock and nag now but when the new piece of shiny trash the humanoid magpie Anne married is pressed into service, they'll thank him.

The problem is that, well, the shiny new thing turns into a boring old ordinary thing that makes him feel cold the second after he gets it. It gets socked away with all of the other junk that can't fill the yawning psychic void within him and those around him are expected to navigate around the crap he drags in because if they love him, they'll love his hoard of garbage.

What seals the deal is that while Large Marvin runs around trying to fill the emptiness inside of him with material possessions, he's not really good at respecting the property of those around him. He can glom onto all manner of nonsense but everyone else has to simplify their lives because there's only room for shit he likes in his place.
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