dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The three hardest words to say: "I am wrong."

Now, to get to why John acted so gracelessly to the proposed solution to the problem of Farley rooting through the trash, we have to remember two facts. First, he'd wasted time and made a fool of himself solving a problem that didn't exist. Second, he didn't like the idea of adopting someone smarter's solution for an easily understandable reason: he didn't like being reminded that he's not a very smart person and tends to screw things up left to his own devices.

You see, when Red Green points out that the three words men find hardest to say are "I don't know," he knows that they're usually accompanied by three words men find impossible to say: "I was wrong." John was wrong about why the garbage got scattered over the curb, he was wrong about how to solve it when he did learn and he's wrong to get angry at Farley because he doesn't understand that Elly is making canned food into a problem. Where he's most wrong is not admitting that he's wrong because of that stubborn male pride thing. Simply put, his belief that admitting to making a mistake is far worse than the mistake made keeps him from learning from his mistakes and primes him to make worse ones.
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