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The more sensible July 1987 that never was.

The reason that I mentioned Clark Griswold yesterday is for a very good reason; emulating him would have made for a less irritating and baffling series of strips for the summer of 1987. Instead of having Mike turn into the Monster Of The Week from Law and Order: Special Victims Unit and instead of having John fish through a dumpster like the dumbest raccoon ever, we could have watched Elly make a mess of things by insisting on driving up to Phil and Georgia's wedding.

In this new scenario, we could establish the fact that Georgia simply HAD to have the wedding in her home town of Montréal and we could have Elly insist on avoiding all the fuss of flying by simply driving there. The same person who would go on to drag the kids to the damned farm over the holidays to make them love John's side of the family would see no downside to doing that and every sort of upside of avoiding taking them on a plane that would somehow be bad because she's too stupid to be able to fly with children. What we would then have is a husband who makes irritating chatter about traffic, a brother and sister-in-law who annoy her with their pointless blathering about the rehearsal she did perfectly well without and confused children who don't know what's going on because Elly blew off something necessary because she's too God-damned otherworldly to have figured out how weddings actually work.

The end result is that it's somehow going to be magically John's fault that there's road construction because otherwise, it's Elly's improvidence and fear of airports that delayed them, Georgia's insistence on making someone who isn't even getting married her boss the reason for all the craziness and tension and the children's stupidity and need to humiliate her that makes a bored, tired and cranky Elizabeth stand around crying when she doesn't know what to do or where to go. She has to blame them because it cannot be her fault....until Jim comes along and tells her it is.

The problem with basing the strip on what probably actually happened in Lynn's real life is, sadly, rather obvious: all the confusion, panic, animosity and ill-feelings would have an unapproved source. That's because the people telling Elly that she was doing something stupid for a silly reason would be proven right and she'd have to live with the knowledge that she isn't all that much smarter than John is.
Tags: elly on her cross, elly versus reality

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