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On not being stupid enough to blow the wad and travel: Lynn versus thrift.

It would appear that once again, we had to deal with Lynn assigning someone values he did not value the other day to remind him to do something out of his comfort zone when she had Jim delight that now that he no longer had to support the children because they were established, he could selfishly burn through their inheritence on himself and Marian like so much Clark Griswold at the craps table. The reason that I mention this is that one of the things that confused and angered Lynn is that instead of being a good mother and going on a mindless spree with the money she sent her, Mrs Ridgway behaved like the cautious person she would have been even if she hadn't been a Depression kid and cruelly and heartlessly saved the money because of a baffling, heartbreaking and rage-inducing need to prepare for a future where the money might come in handy.

The reason for this seems to be tangled up in Lynn's juvenile boasting that other people have to protect her from burning through her money like a dumb child. You might no doubt have become familiar with my asinine comments about how Lynn's idea of financial planning consists of desperate bleating about how cruel people are to keep her from spending money seconds after earning it owing to her being something of a child really. The same glorified four year old who won't admit that she had to be told what she was doing wrong in order to get better at things because she emphasized the temporary pain of criticism now over the elation of accomplishment later doesn't seem to understand that the delight of wasting money on shiny trash in the short term can't make up for the desperation of privation later. The closest she came to understanding this seems to have been when she thought Rod stole her money because he didn't take her allowance out of her bank account for her.
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