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Lynn versus Elvis.

As you know, I think that we should actually be discussing the summer camp arc right about now because I think that it was a mistake to not arrange things so that we'd be looking at the Pattersons of twenty-eight years ago. Not only would this allow us to remind ourselves that Elly totally hates the idea of having children around and that Mike is too stupid, gullible and needy to avoid being gulled into working against his own best interests, it would reveal something odd and annoying about Lynn: an active hatred of Elvis Presley.

We got a hint as to what her problem was when she moaned that it seemed to her that Graceland would be a garish pile of wretched excess which was tribute to the ego and vanity of someone who was clearly going to use his STAR POWER to crush normal people like her because he could. While her reaction to actually seeing it reminds us that she's a real-life Veronica Lodge afflicted with an inability to understand what normal is, her consistent pattern of assuming that the point of power IS using it to arbitrarily crush people for no more reason that one has the power to do so reveals that she has the same farblondzhet thought processes as fellow thin-skinned blowhard Brooke McEldowney.

Of course, we can also not forget that Elvis was a SOUTHERNER who appealed to people from Appalachia. While the average Canadian has no problem with good old boys, Lynn's faction of my kind has an almost genetic hatred and loathing of Elvis's people that goes back to the War of 1812. Upper Canadians were familiar with Yankee traders and Southern planters but the men of the frontier were a terrifying anomaly to be feared and hated. As Hee Haw's off-kilter look at life in the late Confederacy (designed BY men from Toronto who thought that what you saw is what the South IS) shows us, they intend being disgusted by rednecks forever.
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