dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Georgia: launcher of a thousand unanswered questions.

As we watch the reception to Phil's wedding, we end up reminding ourselves that for some reason, we're watching an amusing story about John's misadventures with a dumpster that has a wedding factoring into it for some reason. The problem with Lynn's need to share an amusing story first and talk about a wedding second is that we're left with unanswered and unanswerable questions.

For starters, we have no idea who the wedding party are, why Phil towers over his groomsmen, why the bridesmaids are all blonde, when Jim and Marian arrived, if their arrival is why John had to haul trash out early and why Georgia's Maid Of Honour turned babysitter when that should have been Elly's job. Instead, we got to look at John being made to act stupid as a distraction for something.

This leaves us wondering if possibly there was something about the wedding which inspired it that Lynn was at pains not to share or if she tried honouring a promiimse to Alan in the weirdest and silliest way possible. He and his wife Joan didn't want their private lives broadcast so it's likely that Lynn wanted to fulfill that promise in a really messy and goofy way.
Tags: real life didn't drive the plot

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